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Disability Benefit Questionnaires

Thorough medical assessments along with accurate and detailed completion of DBQs are imperative to the VA benefits process.
We provide high quality, accurate Disability Benefit Questionnaires completed by top-notch medical providers who understand the claims process and what is required for strong documentation that accurately reflects your worsening disability in order to increase your VA Disability Rating. We recognize the importance of submitting a claim that accurately represents the severity of your symptoms.
Choosing Anchored4Vets, LLC to provide your DBQ’s guarantees that the medical documentation you submit to the VA is accurate and properly reflects your case.


Nexus Letters

The Nexus, or connection, between your current disability and in service event can be challenging to prove.A strong case often requires a solid Nexus statement, also known as independent medical opinion (IMO) or an independent medical evaluation (IME). A Nexus statement is a professionally detailed report written by a neutral third-party doctor or medical professional who is well versed in VA terminology and claim requirements.
As a standard for Anchored4Vets, LLC we strictly work with well-versed, highly trained doctors who specialize in these areas. Simply put, a doctor’s analysis (much like an attorney’s analysis) holds more weight than that of other medical professionals, resulting in a strong document to support your service connection.

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