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Assisting Veterans with the Disability Benefits they deserve.

We understand that the Veterans Administration grants ratings that may misrepresent the severity of your disabilities. We know that your disabilities only continue to worsen with age.

Welcome to Anchored4Vets

Our team is dedicated to providing accurate, thorough medical assessments by taking the time needed to ensure that each veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. When you choose Anchored 4 Vets, we support you throughout the entire process. 

Get the exam and disability questionnaires you deserve with an accurate examination and review. We will review your case, your past applications, and your current disability rating to determine if our services are right for you.

Unsure how to file a VA Disability Claim? We can help with a Disability Benefits Questionnaire as well as with a Nexus Letter if warranted, to help you build a stronger case for your claim.


“America without her Soldiers would be like God without his Angels.”

Claudia Pemberton

“America without her Soldiers would be like God without his Angels.”

Claudia Pemberton

Our Process

Free Consultation

We will review your service-connected disabilities and work with you to determine if you might be eligible to utilize our services. If not, we will suggest another course of action that may yield better results

Completed DBQ Package

If you elect to use our service, you will be scheduled for an appointment to speak with a medical provider. The medical provider will review your service-connected disabilities, perform the necessary exams, and complete your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ).

Submit Your Claim

You will receive your completed DBQ(s) with helpful instructions in regard to how to file your claim online. You will need to submit your claim to the Veterans Affairs. The VA will then review and decide your claim; determining if an increase is granted.

What Veterans Say About Us

"Exactly as advertised. If you are struggling with the VA process I highly recommend."
"Staff are to be commended, and I am forever grateful for this life changing event that you helped me to obtain."
"The team accomplished more in a few months than I have in years."
"Experienced streamlined system in place that works like a well oiled machine."
"Gave me the confidence and backing for every excuse the VA had which resulted in a significant win for me and my family."
"I highly recommend to every Veteran trying to fight the VA for what they earned in service to their country"

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